Scores Dead, Over 20 Cars on Fire, Following Petrol Tanker Explosion at Otedola Bridge Lagos Ibadan Expressway

Horrific scenes at Otedola Bridge INW Berger to Ibadan expressway as a petrol tanker filled with PMS exploded after it breaks failed.

According to response unit, LASTMA over 20 cars are currently on fire and commuters are advised to take alternative routes as they try to contain the situation.

The number of deceased hasn’t been ascertained at the moment.

Below are pictures from the scene:

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of victims affected.

Stay tuned for updates.


Islamic Group, MURIC, Orders Falz To Take Down ”This is Nigeria” Video Within 7 Days

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has asked rapper Folarin Falana aka Falz to withdraw his ‘This is Nigeria’ video and apologise to Muslims for using girls dressed in Hijab in the video or face legal action within the next 7 days.

Falz has explained that he used the ladies in Hijab to push more awareness about the Chibok girls still in Boko Haram captivity and the need to rescue them as soon as possible.

In a statement released by MURIC’s director Ishaq Akintola, the group said the dancers in the video in no way depict the situation of the Chibok girls. The group described the video as “thoughtless, insensitive and highly provocative,” “MURIC rejects Falz’ explanation that the girls in hijab in his ‘Shaku Shaku’ dance symbolize the Chibok girls because nothing in the video indicates that the girls represent the Chibok girls.

At least none of the Chibok girls have been seen dancing like a drunkard. They are always in pensive mood. Do they have any cause to be dancing? Are they happy? The video manifests ethnic bias against Fulanis while it ignored the criminal activities of ethnic militia of the Middle Belt who have also massacred Fulanis and rustled their cattle in their thousands.

It is a hate video. This video has the potential of causing religious crisis of unprecedented dimension. It is an assault on the self-dignity of every Muslim. It is freedom of expression gone haywire. We therefore demand its withdrawal and an apology to Nigerian Muslims within seven days or the authors and their agents will face legal action if they fail to comply.

Only the scenes portraying police brutality and the money- swallowing snake in the video are near the truth.” the statement read The group called on the National Film And Video Censors Board (NFVCB) to ban the video. “We call the attention of security agencies to this hate action. We remind Nigerians of the outcome of similar provocative actions in the past and their unpalatable outcomes.

The National Film And Video Censors Board (NFVCB), a regulatory agency set up by Act No. 85 of 1993 to regulate films and the video industry has a case to answer. ‘Shaku Shaku’ video was shot and released under its watch. Instead of going violent, Nigerian Muslims should take those behind the ‘Shaku Shaku’ video to court in order to serve as a deterrent to others.

We therefore give notice of impending legal action against the artist behind the ‘Shaku Shaku’ video unless the latter is withdrawn and an apology is widely published within seven days.” the statement read.

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VIDEO: Man Calls Out Davido For Allegedly Sending Him Death Threats After Absconding With His N60m

A Man known as Genral Kaycee with Instagram handle (@michealkaycee) calls out Davido (DMW Boss) on an issue of Jewelry transaction worth over 60 Million Naira.

He claims since January 2011 Davido has been holding his money, running from one place to another, after several failed promises to pay back and now its all death threats to his life and that of his family members after blocking him on instagram.

read on from the screenshots below

Below is a video of Davido’s cousin Bayo Adeleke Known as Bred confirming another brother of theirs (NPZ) asked them to run away from Ghana after confirming davido secured the 60million naira in the jewelry deal.


MMM Founder ‘Sergy Mavrodi’ Dies Of Heart Attack

MMM founder and Russian businessman Sergei Mavrodi, whose whose popular ponzi scheme deprived millions of Russians of their savings in the 1990s, has died of a heart attack, according to Russia media. The 62 years old man was rushed to the hospital late on March 25 with pain in his chest and died several hours later.

As soon as the number of new clients stopped growing, the pyramid collapsed, causing huge financial losses for at least 10 million people, in some cases leaving them destitute.

In 1994, Mavrodi was elected as a lawmaker, a decision he later said was to ensure he received immunity from prosecution. In 1996, he lost his parliamentary mandate. In 2007, a Moscow court found him guilty of financial fraud and sentenced him to 4 1/2 years in a penal colony.

In 2011, Mavrodi launched another pyramid scheme called MMM-2011, calling on investors to purchase so-called Mavro currency units in a bid to get rid of the “unfair” financial system. Some 15 months later, Mavrodi halted the project.

From 2011-16, Mavrodi launched Ponzi schemes under the MMM brand in India, China, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Nigeria and lots of people lost their money. In many of those countries, Mavrodi’s operations were subsequently shut down or suspended.


BREAKING NEWS: Ybnl Boss Olamide Mother Is Dead (Photos)

BREAKING NEWS: Ybnl Boss Olamide Mother Is Dead (Photos)

YBNL Boss Olamide Loses Mother

YBNL Boss, Olamide just lost his mother. The singer took to his Instagram account to announce the death of his mother. Today he is also celebrating his son birthday.

Veteran singer, Olamide who has hit 2018 with a major banger, ‘Science Student’ has reportedly been hit with a great loss. The singer just lost his mother a few hours after celebrating his son’s birthday. He had posted on Instagram to celebrate son ;
BREAKING NEWS: Ybnl Boss Olamide Mother Is Dead (Photos)
“Happy birthday Batifèori Maximiliano
Adedeji more life young King from
Dad,your best pal.”
BREAKING NEWS: Ybnl Boss Olamide Mother Is Dead (Photos)
Not long later, the sad event took place and he announced it on Instagram saying;

Our thoughts and prayers are with the art thia trying


ICYMI: Emmanuel Eboue Is Dead

ICYMI: Emmanuel Eboue Is Dead
Former Ivory Coast and Arsenal defender, Emmanuel Eboue is dead, he is reported to have committed suicide in London.

The defender who was found dead in his sister’s North London home was rumoured to have suffered with long-term depression.

Eboue had received legal advice in a bid to overturn a court order that left him poor and homeless. He lost everything to his wife.

Eboue made millions of pounds at Arsenal and then more than ?1.5million a year at Turkish side Galatasaray. However, the football star said he had lost all he had to his wife Aurelie who he claimed also handled his finances, adding that “whatever she told him to sign he signed.

After their divorce, the court awarded all his fortunes to his wife in a divorce settlement and he was ordered to also give up his house in London to the ex-wife.


Liberia Presidential Election: I Am Confident of Victory – George Weah

Liberia Presidential Election: I Am Confident of Victory - George Weah

A former football star, George Weah, and his supporters are brimming with confidence as Liberians head to the poll on Boxing Day in a run-off election to choose a new leader for the West African country.

“You know, I’ve been in competitions – tough ones, too – and I came out victorious. So, I know Boakai cannot defeat me. I have the people on my side,” he said to cheering supporters as he rounds off campaign for the polls.

The run-off election was delayed for weeks after the country’s Supreme Court ordered a halt following allegation of rigging and fraud during the first round of voting. Mr. Weah is running against the country’s vice president, Joseph Boakai, for the country’s top job.

During the first round of voting Mr. Weah scored the most votes with 38 per cent of the total votes cast. Mr. Weah, who has waited for 12 years to become the country’s leader, is within reach of achieving his dream but analysts are being cautious of his chances despite his overwhelming support from the country’s most youthful population.

During the 2005 run-off election, many analysts had chosen Mr. Weah as the winner but he suffered a shocking defeat to Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, the first woman president in Africa. Despite being snubbed by the country’s elite, who think Mr. Weah, a kid who grew up poor but rose to worldwide fame as a football star, is unfit to lead the country, Mr. Weah’s supporters believe this is his best chance of becoming president. Mr. Weah has also received a subtle support from an unlikely source as well.

He was seen in public with Mrs. Johnson- Sirleaf last Thursday. The appearance is seen by most analysts as significant as the incumbent has attracted public criticism for her refusal to campaign for Mr. Boakai, with whom she had run the affairs of the country in the last eight years.

The Ballon D’Or winner has also received the endorsement from Nigerian televangelist, Temitope Joshua, who is believed to one of Africa’s most influential preachers. The fight against corruption and the economy are the main talking points of the election.

Liberia suffered a brutal civil war in the 1990s. It took the intervention of a regional West Africa force nicknamed ECOMOG to restore peace in the country. In 2014, Liberia, alongside neighbouring Sierra Leone, was most devastated by the Ebola pandemic. Over 10,600 people were killed as the disease swept through the nation.


Petroleum Minister Buhari And “Fuel Scarcity Minister” Kachikwu

Petroleum Minister Buhari And

At home, we face enormous challenges. Insecurity, pervasive corruption, the hitherto unending and seemingly impossible fuel and power shortages are the immediate concerns.

We are going to tackle them head on. Nigerians will not regret that they have entrusted national responsibility to us. — Muhammadu Buhari May 29, 2015.

Nigerians are already regretting entrusting leadership to President Muhammadu Buhari. Although on assumption of office in 2015, he promised to tackle the problem “head on”, Buhari the President will only take secondary seat in the apportioning of blames for the raging fuel scarcity.

But, as you will find out if you read the next few paragraphs, this does not in any wat excuse the man from culpability in the mess. In what we were made to believe was his determination to clean up the notoriously opaque and corrupt oil industry, Buhari refused to appoint a Petroleum Minister, consequently ensuring that while he can escape immediate blame for the farcical goings-on in other ministries, he will be primarily held responsible for the oil ministry’s shortcomings.

This is why this piece is about Muhammadu Buhari the Minister — not Muhammadu Buhari the President. With the benefit of hindsight, Buhari didn’t quite understand the intricacies of the ministry he appointed himself to oversee.

As has already been seen of his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), Buhari was desperate for power but wasn’t desperate to govern. That is why, for example, it took him six months to appoint ministers. How does a man run the full length of an electioneering cycle without already identifying the core of the people he would work with? At the risk of committing reductionism, Buhari needed to answer two questions that were critical to the continuous availability of petrol:

does the government rehabilitate the refineries or privatise them? And how do we strengthen the purchasing power of marketers, given the weak value of the naira? On the first, Kachikwu, then Group Managing Director (GMD) of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), never hid his belief that the refineries should be sold, as they were working at 30percent capacity. But Buhari overruled him.

Two-and-half years after, what do we have? None of the refineries operates at 60 percent capacity; and all, combined together, only produce 5percent of the country’s daily petrol need of 30million litres/day. So, on the score of raising in- country refining capacity, there has been no progress.


Christmas Tragedy: How Police Officer Killed His Colleague By Mistake In Bayelsa

Christmas Tragedy: How Police Officer Killed His Colleague By Mistake In Bayelsa

According to a report by PM News, a police officer in Yenagoa was inadvertently shot and killed by a fellow policeman during a gun duel between the police and suspected cultists on Christmas day.

An eyewitness who preferred anonymity, disclosed on Tuesday that the incident occurred on Christmas day at Obele Area of Ovom in Yenagoa, leaving residents in apprehension.

According to the eyewitness, trouble started when a misunderstanding among the feasting cultists degenerated to a fight within the cult group, resulting to gunshots which eventually attracted a police patrol team to the area.

The Police Command Spokesman, DSP Asinim Butswat, who confirmed the incident, said the killing was shocking. “Yes, the incident was between cultists but as the police went to find out what was going on, the cultists started shooting and one of the policemen mistakenly shot an officer.

“Though, we are yet to get the full details because some of our men, who were at the scene, are supposed to brief us over the matter. “Nevertheless, the Police are intensifying efforts to ensure a crime-free environment for people in Bayelsa this period of Christmas celebration; we deployed over 4,000 personnel for patrol.

“We adopted some strategies like ‘Cordon and Search’; I must tell you, our men and women are fully on operations to safeguard lives and property,” Butswat said. The spokesman urged the residents to continue with their lawful endeavours and support the police by providing timely and credible information on criminal activities. “I also urge them to continue to enjoy the Christmas celebration and steer clear of every criminal activity,” he said.


Fuel Scarcity: Despite NNPC’s Claims, Our Depots Are Empty – Marketers Open Up

Fuel Scarcity: Despite NNPC's Claims, Our Depots Are Empty - Marketers Open Up

The News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, reports that the Depot and Petroleum Products Marketers Association, DAPPMA, on Tuesday expressed concern over the inability of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) to send petrol to its members’ depots.

DAPPMA’s Executive Secretary, Olufemi Adewole, in a statement in Lagos, urged NNPC to help the association so as to alleviate the suffering of Nigerians. “Our members’ depots are presently empty. However, if the PPMC/NNPC can provide us with petrol, we are ready to do 24-hour loading to alleviate the sufferings of Nigerians and for the fuel queues to be totally eliminated.

“We, petroleum products marketers, do empathise with all Nigerians who are going through difficulties at this time by spending hours on fuel queues because of the current fuel scarcity due to no fault of theirs.

“DAPPMA members import about 65 per cent of the nation’s total fuel consumption, Major Oil Marketers Association of Nigeria (MOMAN) imports about 15 per cent and PPMC/NNPC import the balance of 20 per cent. “However this scenario changed drastically due to several challenges faced by marketers,’’ he said.

The DAPPMA official claimed that their members pay PPMC/NNPC in advance for petroleum products. He said fully paid-up petrol orders which have neither been programmed nor loaded is in excess of 500,000MT (about 800,000,000 litres).

“As at today, there is enough petrol to meet the nation’s needs for 19 days at a daily estimated consumption of 35,000,000 litres. “Sadly, some people have blamed marketers for hoarding products. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. “Hoarding is regarded as economic sabotage and we assure all Nigerians that our members are not involved in such illicit act.

“While all kinds of allegations have been made in the media, it is important to set the records straight, as Nigerians first, and as responsible business men and women who employ Nigerians. “As it stands today, NNPC has been the sole importer of PMS into the country since October,’’ Adewole said. He said the current import price of petrol is about N170 per litre, with NNPC, which absorbs the attendant subsidy on behalf of the Federal Government, as the importer of last resort.

“The international price of petrol went up during the period of Hurricane Katrina and it has not dropped below USD$600/MT since then. Mr. Adewole said the exchange rate of the dollar to the Naira is N306 for petrol imports and the interest rate Nigerian banks charge is above 25 per cent.

“Landing cost of PMS in Nigeria is above N145 per litre which means any of our members that imports will have to resort to subsidy claims, a policy already jettisoned by the government. “It is on record that any time NNPC assumes the role of sole importer; there are issues of distribution, because it is marketers who own 80 per cent of the functional receptive facilities and retail outlets in Nigeria.

“While we cannot confirm or dispute NNPC’s claim of having sufficient product stock, we can confirm that the products are not in our tanks and as such cannot be distributed. “If the products are offshore, then surely it cannot be considered to be available to Nigerians,’’ he said.


Boxing Day: Petrol Scarcity Paralyses Fun At National Theatre In Lagos

Boxing Day: Petrol Scarcity Paralyses Fun At National Theatre In Lagos

According to a Vanguard report, the National Theatre Complex in Iganmu, Lagos, was on Tuesday devoid of the usual Boxing Day buzzing activities as only few fun seekers were at the monument.

Only handful of people were seen in the open ground overlooking the theatre as well as other spots around the premises. Patronage was low for restaurant and kiosk owners as they waited on end for customers.

A couple of families were seen eating and drinking in some of the restaurants. A bar owner in the premises, Mr Clement Duru, complained of low patronage, saying that business was not good owing to low number of visitors.

Duru blamed the situation on scarcity of petrol pervading every part of the country. He said that the situation prevented many people from going out to have fun that usually characterised the second day of Christmas. “My brother, business is really bad today.

People are not coming to the theatre to celebrate Christmas and Boxing Day this year. “Of course, the petrol crisis is the major cause, coupled with the nation’s economic issues. Things are just too low here,’’ he said. Duru said that he has not recorded 20 per cent of what he normally made during Yuletide period owing to the situation.

A fun seeker, Mr Simeon Akinboboye, said that he did not get as much fun as he would have loved to get at the theatre. Akinboboye said he was disappointed that he did not see many people coming for fun at the complex this year.

He blamed the situation on petrol crisis, saying that many fun seekers preferred to stay indoors to avoid the stress of coming to the theatre. “The whole place is dry. It is not as it used to be. Obviously, it is the fuel problem. People don’t have fuel to go out,” he said.

Another fun seeker, Mrs Ngozi Emmanuel, said her family decided to come to have fun in spite of the petro crisis. Emmanuel said that she enjoyed the atmosphere as it was not as rowdy as it used to be, adding it was good for her kind of nature. She said that the fuel situation probably prevented many fun seekers from coming out, especially those coming from far distances. “Though, turn out is low, it is still okay.

I have fun,’’ Emmanuel said. Another fun seeker, who simply identified himself as Austin, urged the Federal Government to find a lasting solution to the persistent petrol scarcity, especially during the festive period. He said that this would allow Nigerians to move about without stress during festive period.


Katsina Ex-Speaker GojoGojo Defects To APC

Katsina Ex-Speaker GojoGojo Defects To APC

Former Speaker of the Katina State House of Assembly, Alhaji Yau GojoGojo, on Monday formally defected to the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

GojoGojo made the declaration in Maiadua, Katsina State where he was officially received by Gov. Aminu Masari and other top APC officials. He said as a politician, he was satisfied with the leadership style of the APC, especially the transformation on security, agriculture, infrastructure and human empowerment, stressing the two years of APC at both federal and state levels were eventful.

He said he was also moved into the APC by the exceptional performance of Gov. Masari, especially on prudence, accountability, security and education. The former legislator promised to uphold the constitution of the APC as well as campaign vigorously to ensure its success in future elections, stressing “I would be very hardworking and accessible to our members”.

In his address, Masari commended the former speaker for taking such a bold decision at the right time, while assuring him of every support from the party and the government hierarchy. He said APC was not doing magic but was all out to correct the ills of the past through agricultural transformation, youth empowerment, promotion of security and infrastructure.

He cautioned the youth against drug abuse, indiscipline and misuse of the social media platforms to abuse elders. He said the youth were the future leaders and it would be suicidal if they resorted to inimical practices. Top party members and the Secretary to the State Government, Dr Mustapha Inuwa, were among thousands of people who attended the event. GojoGojo served as the speaker throughout the tenure of former Gov Ibrahim Shema.


Breaking News: Rumles In Taraba As Ex Acting Governor, Sani Danladi Quits PDP for APC

Breaking News: Rumles In Taraba As Ex Acting Governor, Sani Danladi Quits PDP for APC

A new report has revealed that Sani Abubakar Danladi, a former Taraba Acting governor, is changing his party. According to Daily Sun, the politician will, on Tuesday, quit the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the All Progressivea Congress (APC) as he registers at his Bachama Ward in Karim Lamido local government area of the state.


The Most Adorable Thing Online Now Is This Christmas Photo Of The Obama’s

The Most Adorable Thing Online Now Is This Christmas Photo Of The Obama’s

Former President Barack Obama posted a photo of his family celebrating Christmas on Monday morning, and the internet is getting emotional.

In the photo, Barack, Michelle, Malia and Sasha Obama are posing in front of a giant Christmas tree surrounded by a crew of young “elves” and plenty of ornately wrapped gifts.

“On behalf of the Obama family, Merry Christmas! We wish you joy and peace this holiday season,” Obama wrote in the caption. The photo may have been taken on a previous Christmas.

Thousands of social media users took time out of their own Christmas celebrations to show the photo some love. Just 20 minutes after it was posted, the tweet already had 86,000 likes and the accompanying Facebook post had 100,000. “All I ask for for Christmas is a president just like you,” one user wrote on Twitter.


EFCC Seize 38 Houses Allegedly Belonging to Jonathan’s Ex-Campaign Chief

EFCC Seize 38 Houses Allegedly Belonging to Jonathan's Ex-Campaign Chief

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has traced 38 choice houses to a former Chairman of the Nigerian Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF), Dr. Ngozi Olojeme. Mrs Olojeme, Deputy Chairman of the Finance Committee of the Goodluck Campaign Organisation in 2015, is being investigated by the EFCC for alleged diversion of $48,485,127 from the accounts of the NSITF. Of N62.3billion fraud discovered in NSITF, $48,485,127 is allegedly credited to Mrs. Olojeme.

The anti- graft agency has secured a court order to place the assets under interim forfeiture, pending Mrs. Olojeme’s trial. Besides, EFCC has obtained a warrant from the court to detain the suspect for two weeks to complete the first round of the investigation and her arraignment.

Mrs. Olojeme, who is said to have taken ill, is at a private hospital in Abuja where EFCC detectives are keeping an eye on her. EFCC detectives uncovered 40 houses, 38 of which are believed to be Mrs Olojeme’s. Of the 38 houses, detectives rated the mansion at No. 51, Kainji Crescent in Maitama, as a “multi-billion naira piece with some foreign leaders occasionally staying there when they come visiting”.

The golden mansion was at the weekend sealed off by the EFCC. A source, who spoke in confidence, said: “EFCC recovered over 40 properties out of which 38 belong to the ex-NSITF chairman, including the property at No. 51, Kainji Crescent, off Lake Chad Crescent in Maitama District.

“The Kainji Crescent property is said to have housed some foreign leaders when they came visiting. It is a multi-billion naira mansion. “We have invoked sections 28 and 34 of the EFCC (Establishment Act) 2004 and Section 13(1) of the Federal High Court Act, 2004, which empower the agency to apply the Interim Assets Forfeiture Clause.”

Section 28 of the EFCC Act reads: “Where a person is arrested for an offence under this Act, the Commission shall immediately trace and attach all the assets and properties of the person acquired as a result of such economic or financial crime and shall thereafter cause to be obtained an interim attachment order from the Court.”

The EFCC source went on: “As I am talking to you, we have placed all the over 40 assets under interim forfeiture based on the approval of our application by the court. The assets will be temporarily forfeited until the end of the trial of all the affected suspects.”