12 Characters You’ll Meet In Any Campus Fellowship

Here is a list of characters you’ll definitely meet the moment you decide to join a fellowship, either as a fresher or as a full-student……

1) The Fiery Preacher: Usually a young man. When he mounts the pulpit, God’s word become what it should be when in that situation-a two edged-sword. Sometimes you wonder why they don’t just leave school and start a ministry, because many don’t feel at ease with some of their ‘doctrines’ especially when at the end it’s true. Such a young man(or a lady) catching you at the entrance to a club, hotel spells doom for you.

2) The Choir-Wannabes: This crew are so passionate about singing and have made up their minds of what they’ll do once they get that coveted admission letter. The fact is they don’t have the good voice to sing. They overlook that however. But imagine when they lead worship(faces squeezed)…….. Thanks for doing that!

3) Time-Adherents: As you gradually go from one level to another, the urge to utilize time equally changes as well. They are one of the constant ‘disturbances’ to the excos of any fellowship simply because they have a valid argument. The way they leave once you share the Grace makes one wonder if its everyone they are fighting with.

4) ‘Holy’ Gossiper: Quite frankly, the ladies are known to own this category. But some guys fall under this category as well. You’ll see them ‘Chairmarking’ for their Co-Gossiper(s). What do they even gossip about? From faults to beefs, etc within a fellowship. You wonder why i call it ‘holy’? It because they never see it as a sin when they do so. The benefit of first hand info is usually with them. The moodswingers is a sub-group under this crew.

5) Latecomers: Ahhhh! When admonition, preaching is about to start, they walk in like nothing happened. Makes you wonder if that’s all they come for. Some are warned until the President is tired of doing so. Mind you, they even live within the fellowship area. Despite that, they come late. And who observes they dress breathtakingly as well?

6) Always-singing: This crew always get on my nerves personally. They so love singing that if its Opening prayer-they sing. Praise and worship-they sing, Prayertime-singing, Binding demons, principalities-still singing!! I wonder if all one came to do is singing. But once they say pray, please do so. (one accord has only one meaning)

7) S.i.T: The speaking in tongues crew is the oldest in any campus fellowship in this country. They can make you afraid by the non-stop speaking in tongues. It however does’nt guarantee them an ‘all holy’ status, as SOME of them still do ‘odd things’ during school hours.

Cool Toasters: Guys are most guilty. They track a particular sister and constantly pester her while she in return evangelizes to them, all to deaf ears. I learnt some fellowship leaders tell the ladies to use it to ‘bring in souls’/their advantage. Dont be surprised if Kunle or I.k attends 5fellowhip meetings in a month.

9) Sister and Brother in the Lord: They are an example by their individual lifestyles. Calm, collected and exemplary.
Makes you want to know more about them. They never compromise on and off campus. Every interstate program is/are always attended by them. Under this crew, you’ll meet the true core of a campus fellowship. Only you get tired of their constant talking about the Bible after sometime if you are’nt the patient type.

10) The Introvert: They seem shy, and sometimes arrogant.
They don’t flow when everyone is. Sometimes only a senior member of an exco can make them express themselves before or after a meeting. The key to unlock this character, however is’nt farfetched.

11) Purchasers: They buy ANY book brought by any guest minister or the fellowship itself. Makes you wonder about the time they do read these books, especially when you know their schedule well. They also make you seem like you don’t have cash to spare that moment.

12) i leave this spot open to suggestions and with explanations.

Happy Sunday!!


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