8 Ways To Identify Carry Over Students

Students are scared when checking their results in order not to be a victim of carry over grade which apart from the burden they will bear for the next level, insult from their juniors is enough to ruin their reputation.

It is however obvious to spot them in campus which is the aim of this article and let’s take a look on ways to identify such students.

Insult lecturers on regular basis
Carry over students view both good and bad lecturers as enemies by abusing and bashing them from all angles. Most times they are the ones who sit at the back of auditorium during lecture period causing distraction and blaming lecturers for their misfortunes.

Struggled and stressed looks
This feature is obvious when you see carry over students. Owing to the fact that life is not fair to them on campus, they look worried and tattered due to too much thinking, long lectures period and less sleeping hours.

Violence flow in their blood
The life of a carry over student is so frustrating that anything can steer up anger in their life. Due to the precipitated bitterness in their blood, they become captain during “aluta protest” along side with their bedevilled colleagues.

Unfriendly attitude
Larger percentage of carry over students possess introvert attitude that makes it difficult for them to socialise. Suggesting any form of entertainment to cool their nerves is like mission impossible for them.


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