Etisalat Chatpack Tweak+Openvpn For IPhone, PC and Andriod

Yipee guys,this had been what the iPhone users precisely has been waiting for.IPhone happens to work well with
openvpnwhen it comes to tweak because; other vpn does not support configuration files importation which openvpn does.

Very quickly I’ll be ushering you into another world of tweak where you will be able to use Etisalat chat pack tweak on
iPhone,PC and android using Openvpn
Let me say that at this junction, you should draw closer to me your learning chair quickly as you read along this post.

How To Power Chat Pack With OpenVpn
==>subscribe to chatpack for 100# *200*3*3*2*1*1#
==>No much time to be wasted iPhone,iPad and andriod should head directly to their respective manucfaturer store to get openvpn
==>PC users are to visit Here to get theirs.
==>Now open it click on import configuration file
==>Connect direct no username and password required the server are created by me(premium server) You might experience bugs With it just off and on your data it will surely connect.

Benefits of using this openvpn
==>The main advantage of using the openvpn server for chat pack is because;no authentication required due to premium openvpn servers which will force to bypass the speed throttling but not all the time it works perfectly if the server is less crowded.

Where can I download config file??
==>Kindly download it here
==>Download the unlock code HERE

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