Hehehe! Checkout 7 Things Nigerian Politicians Are Good At (Pictured)

Nigerian politicians are one of a kind and they would go to any length to get the masses to love them.

Apparently, being a politician in nigeria is very lucrative and that is why they would do anything to get into power and remain there.

Even if they have to ride commercial motorcycle (okada) or eat at a local restaurant, they would.

Aside the everyday verbal war between the ruling party and the opposition, Nigerian politicians sure know how to get the public talking about them. They have a way of showing that they are identifying with the masses.

We all know lobbying exists everywhere, but Nigerian politicians sometimes take theirs to another level. They would do anything few months to election so they can get the peoples votes. They will become very generous sharing bags of rice and other things. After the elections, they forget those who voted for them

The photos below will show you some of the things only Nigerian politicians are capable of doing so as to identify with the masses.

1. Dancing Shoki:
During the election campaign rallies, it was a trend for Nigerian politicians especially those from the All Progressives Congress (APC) to do the ‘Shoki’ dance. It was like the trending dance at that time. This attracted the attention of Nigerians who could not help but talk about their politicians dancing skills.



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