How To Use Your Android Device As Wireless Speakers

I guess one of the most sweetest thing on android os is to be able to use your android device to create something new
and interesting.

One of the interesting thing you can do with your android is using it as wireless speakers. What this actually means is
that; you will be using your android phone as an external speakers.

How to convert android to wireless speakers

  • Download soundwire to your android Here
  • Download the corresponding App for PC both Linux and windows here
  • Open the mobile app, and tap on the “Connect” button (coiled wire image) to connect to the server and begin listening. If the server address box is blank, the app will automatically locate the server. When the wire glows youhave a good connection.
  • If you experience some latency, reduce your buffer size for improved performance. Check the screenshot below
  • This is also a nice way to make that your old Android device still useful.enjoy
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