MTN Bis Andriod VPN Connection Powers All App On PC

This was the same method i used for that of etisalat some days back and i think i was able to to bypass the speed
throttling ish then before i switched back to MTN bis.

Normally usingVPN connection on phone then sharing it to pc wil restrict the connection not to browse but with this
method,i think you should be able to get it fixed.

==>Make sure your phone is rooted to perform this power on your hotspot then lauch dc tethering fix
==>click on fix tethering then grant super su permission
==>Once that is done, head to pc the right click the vpn connection click on status>>properties>>tcp/4>>dns
==>input then the other space
==>thats all save it and blaze on your browser,windows updates without using any local proxy,autoproxy nor simple


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