MUSIC: Olamide – Eyan Mayweather (mp3)


Off of his Trending Upcoming Album here is another hot single that brought the name of the album “Eyan Mayweather”..Olamide review this album to be drop on November 23 at featuring nobody.. Can you imagine? This is a song of the street dedicated to his Fans All over. stay tuned..

DOWNLOD Mp3: Olamide – Eyan Mayweather



  1. the eyan mayweather song is a fantastic music and the very first time i heard the i was like see olamide flows

  2. No rapper i say no rapper i repeat again i say no rapper don do show inside eko hotel shotdown everywhere if u lie i go tell. Olamide baddest

  3. Bɑɗɗѳ I kɳѳw ѳɳɛ ɗɑy ɱy ɗʀɛɑɱ รɦɑʆʆ cѳɱɛ tʀuɛ cuz I ʆѳѳk up tѳ u ɑร ɱy Mɛɳtѳʀ + ɗiร uʀ ɳɛw ɑʆɓuɱ ɳɑ ɳuɱɓɛʀ 1 ѳѳѳѳѳ cuz iɓiʆɛ ʆɑwѳɳ ɛʆɛyi. ʆѳѵɛ baba

  4. Olamide you just kill it
    Uganda loves ya music man
    We love it mob
    We can’t understand Niger tho
    But you make us to understand it

  5. I too lyk d YBNL dope master he is too gbaski and he his always givin out wah d public desire kuddos 2 u man

  6. badoo you suppox ft me 4 dat music make we fit make d tracks force like rocket so ur haters go fit kick bucket cx me no say dem broke..shi shi no dea dem pocket..aniway d music don set but d frxt track is my best..i like it cx i always play it to my pet…if it angry afta playing,it anger begin 2 melt…badoo i love your song…it ur fans frm the street…okoko lamba..olamide you realy good..pray to be like you somday.

  7. When dey say anybody wan talk anything
    About best rapper or whatever
    Go shutdown eko hotel first
    Shutdown London, Shutdown yankee
    Shutdown malay, Shutdown everywhere
    Before you come back to me and say
    You are the best rapper
    Nice hit Badoo

  8. oshe sneh,badoo sneh,eyan nla sneh it ur boi youngpizzy sneh i giv u twale sneh,u re beta dan d rest,tank u badoo sneh 4 dropin dix album sneh,eyan mayweather street ti take ova jur badoo lee,money noh goh sweet if beefing no dey gbabe

  9. badoo my man i like everting About u de best singe i avé see keep up my g olamide fine boy o bod

  10. Olamide Baddest Rapper, I Love All Your Musics Especially Don’t Stop And Eyan Myweather,your Head Dey There,gave Us Hot One.Bye 4 Now.

  11. Baddoo sneh ure d boss sneh,hearin ure music always gives me main man dix ure best fan Ab jadon says bring it on sneh luv ya Sneh.I Hav landed.

  12. Olamide Eyan Mayweather,won Ni Esu Gbenu Mi,emi Big Baba Won Mo Lo Lu Yole Won Mo Leko Won Mo Lo Lu Yole If U Want 2 Common Never Gbagbe Jo Ko Se Ko Ro Ka Won Temi Wole,olamide Baddo Osha Eyan May Weather Luv U


  13. ororo igbala re so fi din dodo ni awe!Won se bonaza lorun apadi sen bo?Whao dats kinda kul kudos 2 ybnl general!Mehn no be beans

  14. Olamide or what is ur name is better u give ur life 2 christ d end is near the trumpet can sound at any time so of u are ready to surrender to him call me on 08088398665


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