One Strong Reason Why Cynthia Morgan’s Debut Album May Be A Flop By Gbolahan


Cynthia Morgan may be that dancehall act we know which is good in every aspect of music because she has done different types of songs, she has spoken about love, material things, money and all sort of things every Nigerian act records in the studio.

Cynthia has been in the news for a lot of time in her short arrival in the Nigerian music industry. I will probably say she has also earned more beefs than the number of songs she has released.

She has gotten a lot of features in the music aspect, that’s should be normal I guess, because of her kind of music, but she is going to release her debut album probably this year, due to series of tweet she has sent out via her account.

But one major problem the album can get is the publicity stuff, and this is one of the major things to be considered when planning to drop an LP, a few number of act dropped albums last year but it was not really known if this acts dropped an LP a big example is Seyi Shay – SeyiOrShay, Seyi’s album is that if you are not related to the internet you won’t know if she has dropped an album or not.

But for Cynthia Morgan the songs on the album might not be a problem, even the production works is nothing worry about, cos we know Cynthia Morgan to be an energetic singer but the PR stuff is key, why? Cos Cynthia Morgan is not popular on social networks only few people connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, but she has hopes via Instagram and SnapChat I guess, she recently got unverified on twitter also and she dosent really relates on the media like someone like Yemi Alade or Tiwa Savage. Or may be Cynthia Morgan feels making use of social media is not a proper way of promoting her brand.

I feel Cynthia Morgan should be able to understand how the style goes now, she should learn from past mistakes and make a huge difference.

Written by Gbolahan Adeyemi | @Gbolahan_Ishh



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