DAVIDO VS WIZKID: 6 Reasons Why Wizzy Is Better Than Davido


Lol lately on twitter & other social platforms the undying & ending comparison between Starboy CEO ‘Ayo Wizkid Balogun’ & Co- owner HKN records ‘David Davido Adeleke’ has become a huge topic.

Davido and Wizkid are probably the Biggest music artistes
below the Age of 25 that we have in the country now.The
constant argument amidst fans about who is better has
sparked a lot of controversies ,Blogs,threads and forums.

I cannot categorically tell which one of them is better but i
Will like to just state this few Things.

(1) MUSIC MAKING: Davido and Wizkid are both extremely talented and gifted in the art of Music making. However, kudos must be given to Wizkid for writing his own songs, Davido is practically enjoying others people Shine and always in on song theft controversy or another ..we all know Wizkid’s Debut Album “Superstar” cannot be compared to Davido’s OBO album in terms of good music, sales, acceptance and awards.

Till date, Nobody has accused Wizkid of stealing their
songs, from Azonto to On top ur Matter, Bombay ,One
Question, Baba Nla e.t.c ,everything is purely Wizkid’s hard working mind that writes and supplys us good and not stolen Music.

(2) FREESTYLES: Wizkid is better at free styling and taking choruses more than Davido, Take it or Leave it

(3) ATTITUDE: Most People accuse Wizkid of being Pompous. Yes he might be ,but Davido is certainly more pompous than Wizzy. He labelled himself OBO ,sings abt his fathers wealth all the time, beat up a taxi driver,fought an immigration officer and went bananas when his name
was not included in The Forbes top ten richest artistes in
Nigeria. Yes wizkid is human,calling a fan broke may be harsh but we know some Nigerians can say silly things at times. How many Times ,Davido don throw money for Crowd before? Eh? And he like him fans Abi?? Smh 🙂

(4) VOICE: No Stress about this one, we all know Wizkid has a better voice than Davido

(5) FAN BASE & POPULARITY: Believe it or not Wizkid is the most internationally recognized artist in Nigeria and yeah his song with Drake & Kyla is presently on billboards hot 100, so what else.

(6) …And Lastly, Wizkid has more hit songs than Davido. From Caro to Pakurumo
to Baba Nla all the songs in his debut album ‘Superstar’ were hits something which OBO is still yet to achieve

Wizkid is better than Davido, Any Objections??



  1. I disagree with no 6. Davido is hardworking just as much as wizkid is.That shouldn’t even be on the list, wizkid still got sponsorship from banky w, that’s not a criteria to even look at.They are both talented peopleand its unfair to label davido like that, with or without his fathers money he would have still made it in the industry, why hasn’t b red made it yet if it was all about the wealth. People who have popular parents often suffer this type of accusation. Are you saying Falz or dj cuppy wouldn’t have made it without their parents? Stop attributing his success to his father.

  2. Have u 4ogoten dat the Amin singer Dammy Krane accused wizkid for stealing ‘BABA NLA(finale) from him

  3. See fool. Why did u post shit without making investigation. I can mention 7 artists that said wizkid stole their songs. Half of his first album superstar were written by skales (we all know). Dont u remember when skale said all wizkid hits was bought when dey had twitter clash. And for ur info davido followers are more than that. Na only voice wizkid get pass am

  4. All this is widely clear, because davido only sing about money while wizkid follow the title the content of music. take it or leave it wizkid is more better than davido.

  5. Negative minds always talk about others.
    Since you can’t make yourself somebody great, Why don’t you sit back and watch the world instead?

  6. Lollz,, dear Dr poster, you tried but next time make sure you do post FACT by making investigations b4 posting to public because of those that know more than you.

  7. Smh… U wriiting sh*t abt dem, they re in the studio putting things together. Jus tel us u are a wizzy fan n let bury d hatches. Dis is an open fact na, dis is what a 100% wizzy fan wil post. Claimin david has 1.8million follwer on twitter, cum u dey high, hw re we sure u even av a twitter acc self. Yes d only fact listed above abuh dia comparism, is dat wizzy has d voice n foriegn recongnition more dan him. Datz all. Whu wizkid dun hlp blow 4 musik industry???? David epp diamond plantumz, runtown, humblesmith, tekno, mc galaxy. Whu 4 afrika go say he/she nur hr kiss daniels ft o.b.o n savage- woju remix??? Mr writer, u even knw say kiss daniels ft wizkid- good times rmx dey???? Mk u nur chop oda pple space wid fact abuh david beta dan wizkid. They re alwedi bellionaire n still countin dia billions even til dem die, dey o stil dey count m. No ov dem knw me, dem neva qv me K1. Mk me mk mine so dat pple o dey compare me wid anoda pexon

  8. See Dis Person Fit Dey Lie Wel Wel
    No Mata Hw Far Abut Wizkid Nd Davido I Wil Tel U Dat Davido Is D Best

  9. i love wizkid
    i love davido
    am a fan of both
    they both have faults despite that i love wizkid more
    they can sing as hell
    wizkids voice is better tho
    they both rich buh davido is richer
    they both work hard.. firget the stolen songs accusation
    they entertain me
    i wish i cud work with either but wizkid more…
    followers on watever social network or not,fathers wealth or not one thing stands out
    They are both talented!!!

  10. Wizkid and davido they try about stolen another artist song wizkid av done it. Like low key now he’s not the writer of d sony pls stop wat you are saying… Even if they say make I go for one.. I prefer Davido I really like him.

  11. Nonsense….wizkid is only better than Davido in the freestyle and voice aspect….and as for the followers aspect, I think u need to visit their accts again….OBO still the coolest

  12. Ehn, d fact still remain say wizkid na legend where Davido de. for me oo wizzy rocks it better Dan Davido..

  13. you only wrote this to see the reaction on people but you know this all lies “davido b de badest” shout out to OBO

  14. shout out to “OBO” u b de badest,,,small boy the make una talk him sef know say na mouth him de run

  15. 1. Wizkid could be better but they both make good music. Davido speaks better lyrics than Wizzy, even if they are not his. Mind u, Wizzy has been accused Of music theft many times
    2. Of course. No controversy!! Woozy is d best at freestyling
    3. Attitude and shit. I’ve never met them both but I’ve heard Wizzy’s fans says Davido is pompous as I’ve also heard Davido’s fans says Wizzy is a rude bastard
    4. No stress. Wizzy’s got d voice
    5. No doubt. Wizzy got d fans home and abroad
    6. The baseline here is they both got help. But Davido had the cash at hand that sprung him up that fast. Wizzy had an album No one heard about not until he became famous
    Pls burst this arguments. Seems these guys are now getting along

  16. Fools… Claming davido has more followers on instagram, ya all should check their twitter acct now…. Aint no artist balling like wizzy in nigeria #undoubtedly

  17. U ar writting rubbish @writter O.B.O na him b d baddest, both of dem are steal songs apart freestyle nd d voice Davido pass Wizkid

  18. They both make good music and have the money so u go huzzul up and make urs so people will talk about u too

  19. Nobody be like Davido. My Huge Man. A crown giver who believes nobody does it all. Swag, Lyrics & Whatever. Who Compares Dope Niggar (Dave) to baby baby singer (childish kid).

  20. Great peeps talk about ideas,Gud peeps talk about things but weak(inferior) peeps sit and talk about others.

  21. wizkid is a talented singer. Evry tin Abt him is natural. And he sing to ur satisfaction. One luv Starboi.

  22. All dis is widely clear,because davido only sing about money while wizkid follow the title the content of music take it or leave it wizkid is more better than davido,ojuelegba wizkid ur ar de best,SAI BY O B LELE 1,YOUR GUY FROM KOGI STATE.

  23. I remember wen d Street no dey show me
    Love, omo ki lo kan mi, kan mi pelu jealousy!!! “IS DAVIDO OBO BADDEST##”………….

    Abeg if anybody wan die make e die na DAVIDO be d “*BADDEST*”!!

  24. Well, Sme Pple R Jst Writin Busy Defendin Deir Man Let’s Tlk Abt D Trut Hre. Though Dey R Both Gud. If I May Guess Ryt I Tink D Writa Of Dis Blog Is One Of Wizkid’s Fans so E Wrote It 2 Defend Wizkid. In Wat E Wrote Dre Re Sme Tru Nd Untru Tinz, I Reserve My Cmnt On Dat…………Let’s Jst Watch Out 4 D Nxt Cmnt Nd Blog………….~

  25. Davido is more better than wizzy like it or not . no doubt forget about the money. and also remember u stupid poster. All the they call me baddest, who? Davido

  26. wizkid is a good musician but filled up with pride…..davido is also good….. but #hey mr blogger obo has achieved many things # only with ‘aye’ and has collected award wizzy has not gotten ojuelegba….obo……for life .

  27. All of u dat wrote say obo is better than wizzy .ma man u don’t even know anything about music music is all about inspiration it comes like a spirit and flow check wen listening to wizzy music it makes u forget ur sorrow and makes u think about ur future .so writers wizzy is more far better dan davido in everything

  28. Big MUMU to dose dat said Davido is beta dan Wizkid, hve u 4gotten wat olamide called him Wizzylion. So apart frm money wat area is davido beta dan wizzy is it in fame, awards, nominations or wat. Abegi WizzyLion u’re d 1 nd only.

  29. We all no that star boy is 100% best than davido, who is davido if I may ask ,how can u people use WizKid to comple davido, up u star boy

  30. As for me they re both awesome singers but i like wizkid most because his songs re reasonable and mind blowing.


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