FULL: Stranger Things Season 1 Episode 2 (S01E02) – The Wierdo on Maple Street

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Lucas, Mike and Dustin take the girl back to Mike’s house. There, she reveals her name is 011 by showing Mike a tattoo on her arm. At Will’s home, Joyce, his mother, reveals she received a phone call from Will. Shortly afterwards, her phone shorted out. Scientists from the Laboratory, eavesdrop on a phone call between Joyce and Florence, police dispatcher. Afterwards, they go to Joyce’s home in Hazmat suits and radiation detectors and see a substance oozing from the walls. Back at Mike’s home, 011 – El for short – sees Will’s picture and recognizes him. When Lucas and Dustin show up at Mike’s house and threaten to reveal her, she uses psychokinesis to lock them in.

While searching for Will, Chief Hopper discovers El’s hospital tag in the Laboratory’s large drain pipe. Nancy, Mike’s sister, goes to Steve’s, her boyfriends’, home to party. Meanwhile, Jonathan, Will’s brother, takes pictures near Will’s bike’s location. Hearing screaming, he runs and sees Steve, Nancy and friends hanging out near the pool. Shortly afterwards, Barbara, Nancy’s friend, goes missing. Joyce receives another call from Will and starts hearing music coming from his room, witnessing something coming through her walls. After running out, she goes back in when she hears more music.

DOWNLOAD FULL: Stranger Things Season 1 Episode 2 (S01E02) – The Wierdo on Maple Street


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