FULL: Stranger Things Season 1 Episode 6 (S01E06) – The Monster


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Jonathan pulls back Nancy from the creature, but is terrified and unable to sleep, asking Jonathan to stay with her. Steve, dropping for a visit, sees the together through her bedroom window. Jonathan joins Nancy in her bed, though nothing sexual takes place. The next day they resolve to hunt and kill the monster themselves, purchasing ammunition and bear traps from an army surplus store. However, Nancy humiliatingly sees a defaced sign referring to Nancy derogatorily. She finds Steve and friends as the culprits, escalating into a fistfight when Steve insults Jonathan’s family. The cops arrest Jonathan.

Joyce and Hopper investigate further personally, finding El’s bedroom in the Lab and Hopper’s home bugged. They track down the woman She is revealed to be El’s biological mother, who underwent MK Ultra training while pregnant. Jane, now 011, was confiscated by Dr. Brenner, with a fake story that Terry miscarried.

Mike, Lucas and Dustin are still unable to agree on El, as Lucas focuses on Will solely. He parts ways with Dustin and Mike again after a failed reconcile, following the compass alone to the Laboratory while Mike and Dustin search for El in the woods. El, misbehaves, stealing waffles and shattering the door on an employee. Flashbacks reveal that while on her reconnaissance mission, El accidentally opened the gate between the normal world and the “Upside-Down”, allowing the monster through.

While searching for El, Mike and Dustin are ambushed by Troy, threatening Dustin with a knife. He demands that Mike jump off a cliff into a lake, almost certainly fatal. Mike jumps, but is levitating by El to safety, who breaks Troy’s arm. Mike and Dustin all reconcile. Dr. Brenner taps into Will, and sends agents to his house to find El there. Lucas sees agents leaving Laboratory and realizes where they are going: Mike’s house, as he arrives with Dustin and El.

DOWNLOAD FULL: Stranger Things Season 1 Episode 6 (S01E06) – The Monster



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