5 Worst Dressed Music Artistes In Nigeria


Being a celebrity the public looks up to you, and they sometimes tend to copy your fashion trend. What most celebrities are not aware of is that so many people see them as role models and they want to look, talk and dress like them. But unfortunately, most of these celebrities forget that they are now in the public glare and a lot is expected of them.

Musicians in Nigeria are highly looked upon as demi-gods and role model but sometimes their appearance doesn’t speak well for them in terms of their profession. Looking good at all times is a very important criterion for a public figure and a well-known musician. Some musicians are doing very well in their dressing and some of them are fashion tenders who affect our fashion trends with their stylish dressing. Artists like Wizkid, D’Banj, Ice Prince, Falz and Yemi Alade are setting a pace for fashion trenders in Nigeria.

In no particular order see our list of 5 worst dressed musicians in Nigerian. Read and share your thoughts on it. Enjoy!!!


Five Star Music recording artiste, Kcee has been called out severally on social media for his poor taste of color combination and dressing. The “Limpopo” crooner is found wanting in over-dressing and most times he overdoes it with excess siblings, chains, colorful dressing and poor sense of fashion. But notwithstanding he still slays most of the times with his classy wears and accessories.

Just like the popular saying goes “Too much of everything is not good”. I think he should not always try and look too flashy all the time, it flaws his fashion sense.


Phyno is a stereotype kind of artist, whose dressing can easily be predicted. He is mostly always on shirt, jacket and jeans trousers almost all the time. He doesn’t explore or try something new that shows us his other side of the class.

Phyno has never been caught on a tuxedo or a jacket and well-trimmed paints. He is too predictable which he needs to work on. Maybe being a rapper excuses him from trying different shades of dressing.


Brymo dresses like that of your simple next door neighbour. His branding is lacking in terms of fashion and style, which he needs to pay more attention to. Been a musician and a public figure we expect more from him and we don’t mean he should carry dreadlock or pierce his ears or something.

I know his fashion sense is being simple and casual but 2Face is one artiste who has remained simple but he is still a fashion icon even with his simple nature and fashion style. Brymo needs to learn from him if he really wants to be simple and stylish.

Cynthia Morgan

cynthia morgan
Cynthia Morgan has proved to us that you can be a tomboy and still look sexy but in a wrong way. The patois singer takes it overboard as she dresses too much which sometimes makes her look clownish in nature, no offense, though. With her colorful hairstyle, nose ring and bright colourful dressing with exposed cleavage most of the times, she needs to look more girly than boyish.

cynthia morgan 1
She needs to change her role model from Nicki Minaj to someone else like Beyonce maybe she would improve in her fashion sense.


The revelation of last year and this year 2016, Ycee has wowed us with his rap skills and music dexterity. He has been able to own the rap game and carve a niche for himself with his blend of western and local dialect. He has been able to combine both well and it’s paying off for him, but even with his rap skill, the talented rapper is lacking in his fashion sense. Just like Phyno the rapper also has a stereotype dress pattern, a face cap, a t-shirt and skinny jeans with a sneakers. He definitely needs a good stylist who needs to work on his dressing because just being talented is not enough to be a superstar. He can learn from Ice Prince who is also a rapper.

Who do you think should have made or should have not made the list, drop your comments below…



  1. Thats A Big Lie,cnythia Morgan Is A Thugs So What Do You Expect Her To Put On,and Thats The Only Way She Can Express Herself,so Please Dont Even Go There,Don Jazzy Dressing Is Ok 2,except 4 Orisefemi’s Dressing.


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