Honey: The Sweet Benefits


Honey: Sweet Benefits

A natural widely available sweetener ruled the world long before sugar became popular. Honey is an original substance, let us even say extraordinary – full of not only sugar, but rich in minerals, vitamins, and amino acids.

How honey is made

You must remember those funny episodes from cartoons, where someone bothers a hive and makes all bees angry. They fly out and get a revenge. Have you ever thought about what they were doing inside? They are always busy with collecting and processing honey.


Let’s do some math. One pound of honey equals to work of more than 60,000 bees, who travel 55,000 miles and stop on 2 million flowers. Quite enough work for these tiny creatures. It is not surprising that they don’t like anyone who interferes with their activity and are ready to bite them.

After a bee gathers some nectar, it stores it inside in an extra stomach, where the substance is enriched with enzymes, and passes it to another bee. Then nectar is transferred to a honeycomb and is deposited there. Bees travel such long distances in search of various flowers and blossoms. As a result, nectar sources can be very different, and honey will taste different, too. There are more than 300 variations, collected from diverse plants, with different taste and color.

How honey is used

Unbelievably, this widely known sweet thing has many wonderful properties and an ability to cure a wide range of illnesses.

#1. Cough

Honey belongs to the class of demulcent substances – those that relieve various irritations in your mouth after you catch a cold. Thanks to this, honey has become one of the most popular ingredients in many medications. It is a very effective medicine for cough, sore throat, and even temperature.

Still life with honey honeycomb pollen and propolis
Still life with honey honeycomb pollen and propolis

#2. Wounds

The invention of penicillin resolved many problems related to infections and inflammations. However, it happened not that long ago. Before that, honey was used for treating different kinds of wounds. It is an effective way to cure skin infections, and scientists actively research its properties.

#3. Energy

You won’t be lacking energy in case you have proper sleep and normal diet. However, sometimes obstacles work out differently, and you need to be extra-active here and now. Honey can trigger a quick energy boost – the least harmful among all suggested options.

#4. Allergy

While many people are allergic to bites, local honey can help your organism to withstand allergic reactions. In order to achieve such result you should consume a spoon of honey daily before the pollen season starts.


#5. Herpes

We’ve already mentioned wound care, but honey effectively deals with herpes, so it can be separately in the list. It reduces pain and crusting, and sometimes even cures the disease completely. It is possible thanks to high sugar content and special enzymes.

#6. Body and hair care

If you like to make different conditioners, moisturizers, masks and scrubs on your own in home conditions, try to conduct some experiments with honey. Find one of the numerous recipes or simply add some honey to what you currently use.

What can influence the quality of honey

We can tell a lot more about useful qualities of this product, but don’t forget that everything depends on how correctly it is processed. Right, bees cannot do anything wrong, but people can. And working environment for bees has a huge influence as well.


Type of flowers is probably the most important thing. It defines color, texture and taste properties. Polyfloral honey provides more benefits than honey gathered from one kind of flowers.

During storage, some properties may be lost, as well as during the heating. Remember this when you decide where to store honey.

One more thing you can’t avoid paying attention to is the color and transparency. Filtered honey may look more attractive, but the chances that at least the half of benefits are preserved are very low.

How to use honey

If you want to use honey externally, just apply it to a wound, to dry skin, or an infected part. You can find recipes of homemade masks, scrubs, and other cosmetics.

And there is one more way to use honey – the tastiest one. Stir it in your drinks – tea or coffee – instead of sugar, or simply add into warm water. Prepare dressings and marinades. Mix to your cereals or oatmeal. Spread on top of a toast or a pancake. The options are almost limitless!

Where to buy


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