5 Nigerian Web Series You Should Actually Be Watching Right Now


The internet is the new TV honestly.

With the advent of Netflix, Iroko TV and Ibaka TV, a lot of people (like me) have stopped watching television. All we do now is binge watch TV shows online and go on YouTube for the rest of the information. Pretty much explains why these Nigerians YouTube vloggers are very popular.

But anyway, there are a lot of very nice local TV shows you should be watching online. And when I say a lot, I mean a lot. We’ve tried to limit the endless list to our favorite 5 and so in no particular order, here are the TV shows you should be watching.

1. Gidi Up

Gidi Up follows the lives of four young adults (Obi, Tokunbo, Eki, and Yvonne) who are pursuing success and independence in the city of Lagos, revealing the challenges they are faced with at every step of the way in their quest to achieve their dreams.

2. Jenifa’s Diary

Jenifa’s Diary tells the story of Jenifa, a girl from the village who comes to the city and is determined to make it or something like that. However, she has to go through a lot of difficulties and obstructions. Perfect comedic relief too.

3. Skinny Girl In Transit

Skinny Girl in Transit tells the story of Tiwa, an on-air personality who is a budding lepa in an orobo’s body if we put it that way. She is a plus sized young girl living in Lagos, dealing with the pressures of wanting to be in a relationship and to be successful.

4. Lekki Wives

Lekki Wives gives you a bird’s eye view at the lives and conditions of  five women living, visiting, and working in the Lekki axis. Pretty interesting and drama filled if I do say so.

5. Rumour Has It

The web series tells the story of a celebrity vlogger, Obi Obi who is at the top of her game, known as the Queen of internet gossip and has made a living for herself off spreading rumors about celebrities. However, it all comes back to her when there’s a turntable.

Which other good ones do you watch? We’re still waiting for African Booty Scratcher and This Is It to debut! Pretty sure they’ll be great.

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