One Killed as Violence Erupts During Kenya Re-run Election

One Killed as Violence Erupts During Kenya Re-run Election

At least one man has been killed in violence gripping Kenya’s contentious presidential election rerun, which has been boycotted by the country’s opposition leader. Clashes between police and protesters began quickly after polls opened at 6am local time (3:00 GMT).

More than 19 million voters are registered to cast their vote in the election, which is expected to close at 5pm (14:00 GMT). Al Jazeera’s Catherine Soi confirmed a man had been shot in Kisumu, the stronghold of opposition leader Raila Odinga, as police and protesters clashed.

The victim was a 19-year-old male who had been shot in the thigh and bled profusely, Soi said. Several others were injured, Soi said, confirming that police had fired tear gas.

The rerun comes after the Supreme Court nullified the August 8 presidential poll results because of “irregularities and illegalities” in the voting process. At least 67 people were killed in the post- election violence following the August vote, according to Amnesty and Human Rights Watch.

President Uhuru Kenyatta, 55, is seeking a second and final five-year term in office. He won 54 percent of the votes in the nullified poll. His main challenger, Odinga, who received almost 45 percent of the votes in August’s election, is boycotting Thursday’s vote. Demonstrations in the opposition stronghold of Kibera in the capital also turned violent, with Odinga supporters burning tyres and barricading roads as police fired tear gas and live ammunition at protesters.

‘No point in voting’ At least one polling station in the neighbourhood was closed. “There is no point in voting. It is illegal what they are doing. They will steal again. This is sham. I’m not going to waste my time in voting,” Alfred Otieno, a young stall owner in Kibera, told Al Jazeera.

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