Ndume Rejoices After Court Victory, To Resume Next Week

Ndume Rejoices After Court Victory, To Resume Next Week

Senator Ali Ndume has reacted to his victory against the Senate in court on Friday saying that he has been vindicated by the federal high court’s declaration of his suspension as Illegal and Unconstitutional.

This comes after Justice Quadri Babatunde on Friday ruled in favour of Ndume and ordered his immediate reinstatement and full payment of his outstanding salaries. Ndume revealed that he has gotten a letter from the Clerk to the Senate, Nelson Ayewoh, informing him that his suspension will end on Tuesday 14th November 2017.

Ndume said; “I am just from court and I thank God that the court has declared my suspension unconstitutional, illegal and null and void, and that was what I approached the court for declaratory judgment and I got that judgment today. So, that nullifies my suspension which hitherto or ab initio I said it was illegal, because first of all, there was no cause for me to be suspended because I didn’t do anything that would have warranted my suspension in the first place. And secondly also, the Senate doesn’t have the right to suspend a member more than two weeks.

That is what our rules say. So, where they got the power to suspend me for six months was what I approached the court to seek declaration and the court has so declared that it was not right and it was illegal. Even though I have already spent out my illegal suspension time, I did that not because of my person but because of the institution so that individuals cannot just because they are elected one among equal to lead the institution, to take advantage or abuse the process and I thank God for that. And I also thank God that I am alive to have seen it because as I said several times, so many members lost their seats.

A member died in the Senate, two or three members died in the House of Representatives and I am not better than them in any way. It could have been me. So this power or this thing is just a transient thing. I thank God for that and for today, for me to be able to see that judgment too. And this is not victory for myself.

It is not personal. It is not that I am trying to prove anything.”


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