Please Help! My Husband Wants Me Dead – Akwa Ibom Woman Cries Out Bitterly

Please Help! My Husband Wants Me Dead - Akwa Ibom Woman Cries Out Bitterly

Blessing Ifeloluwa and her estranged husband, Ogunsola Ifeoluwa, dated for two years before getting married in 2011.

Then, it was all bliss. They were in love and it was quite obvious. But today, things have changed. Now, while the wife has alleged threat to her life, abandonment and lack of care, the husband said he did not care whatever the wife alleged. At a recent encounter, Blessing told Daily Sun her story: “I am from Ikot-Imo, Nsit Ubuim Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State. My husband, Ogunsola Ifeoluwa, hails from Abeokuta in Ogun State.

We dated for two years before marriage. “Before we started, he wasn’t dating anyone. But I was dating someone. He had informed me that he had dated six girls. They all left him because of one reason or the other. At that time, he had no job. “Somehow, he deceived me by disallowing me from getting married to the person I was initially dating.

He promised to take care of the child I was nursing for the person. I fell for him because my son’s father travelled abroad after getting me pregnant. “He told me that the man did not believe in God; that the man who impregnated me was going to traffic abroad. “We loved each other so much that we could not be alone for so long to the extent that when I travelled to Cross River State for Nigerian Navy recruitment, he became sick. I had to rush back to Abeokuta to attend to him. In the end, he stopped me from joining the Navy. Since I loved him, I had to obey him. Our love was very strong but I was having challenges with my mother-in-law.


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