Part-time job for students: pros and cons


Part-time job for students: pros and cons of the decision to get employed while studying

What makes students look for a job?
When a student enters a university or college, his main goal is to graduate from this educational establishment and get a desirable degree. However, many challenges await for students on their way to the goal. One of them is a constant lack of money. Some students have to pay for their tuition, the others need money for leisure time activities and writing help from one or another writing service. In any case, money appears to be a necessity for young people and that makes them look for a part-time job that can be compatible with studying.
This decision has both positive and negative sides, so it is important to understand if work does not influence your studying and cons do not outweigh possible pros.

1. Benefits students gain having a part-time job

Extra money provides students with a variety of opportunities. It can not only ease studying and paper writing process but also diversify every new day. But what other benefits apart from money a part-time job can have?
Work experience
Though it may seem that working as a waiter or call operator is not prestigious and is not connected with your future profession, the presence of any experience is better than its absence. Moreover, if a student is lucky enough to employ as an assistant in the company according to the specialty he is learning, his career prospective become much more promising.

2. Knowledge what it means to be employed

When a person starts working, he has to cope with many challenges. First of all, these are responsibilities to follow. Secondly, it is an ability to socialize with co-workers and build relations with managing staff. Thirdly, it is an ability to combine work with everyday life, follow schedule and value what you have. If a student does not learn it during studying, he will have to get this knowledge later when he starts the career and there will be no right for a mistake.

3. Improved time management skills

It may sound unbelievable, but the more duties you have, the more processes you can cope with. For example, you will finish your custom essay twice faster if you realize that in 15 minutes you need to be at work. The brain gets used to working fast and frequently, so its capacity grows in multiple times.

4. You spend money wisely

As soon as you start earning your living yourself, your value for money undergo changes. When it used to fall from above, you could always ask for more. But when you put effort to get money, you try to find balance in your expenses and spend it more reasonably.
Negative consequences for students who work part-time
Unfortunately, a desire to earn more can result in some negative consequences for young people. There are several reasons to think twice if you decide to find a part-time job.
Worse academic achievements
Despite the fact how hard you try not to follow behind in your studying, unfortunately, your work will have at least minimal negative impact on your education. You may have no troubles with writing thesis if you order it at , but skipped lectures and classes because of unsuitable timetable can spoil your academic success. It appears to be rather difficult to combine excellent grades with a newly built career.
Time constraint
You will always feel a lack of time as your number of duties has risen significantly. Now it will be more difficult to devote time to friends, hobbies or even a cup of coffee.

3. Absolutely different weekends

It is a dream job if you are able to do it and have time for studying on weekdays. However, most students have to deal with debts on weekends so these days are now associated with completely different activities.

4. Exhaustion

This constant rat race will eventually make you fall down. Being in a constant hurry results in lack of sufficient nutrition and constant tiresome. As a result, you can get health issues and exhaustion of the organism. Is money worth it?



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