How To Choose The Right Car Stereo


How To Choose The Right Car Stereo

The car stereo is much more than a music device for your car. Whether you’re on a long car journey with your friends or driving to work alone, the music from the stereo can set the right mood, entertain you and the passengers, and help you enjoy the drive even more. Find out how to make the right choice when shopping for a car stereo and browse affordable used cars on Jiji  to buy from the most reliable Nigerian sellers.


Which sources do you need?

In the past decade car stereos went through numerous major transformation. In the early 2000s you could only listen to FM radio or tapes in your car. Today the choice of sources is much more diverse, but there is a good chance you don’t need all of them on a daily basis.

Most car stereos today have a combination of the following audio sources: AM/FM tuner, USB input, satellite radio, CD/DVD, and iPod/iPhone/smartphone. We recommend getting a stereo that supports AM/FM radio and USB – the rest of the features are not as common and are mostly used by diehard audiophiles or those who have an endless collection of music on CDs they haven’t converted to .mp3 files yet.

Sound controls

If you have a keen ear and can easily tell when low-quality music is playing, you need a car stereo with decent sound controls. Horrible sound quality can annoy you so much that you’d rather drive in complete silence.

The two basic sound control parameters to look for in a car stereo are preamp and amplifier. Preamp is responsible for a variety of sound controls: volume, tone adjustment, balance, fader, time correction, equalizer, and others. The amplifier transforms a weak signal coming out of the preamp into a high-volume signal from the speakers. The more different settings and adjustments those two sections allow, the better.

Go slow

If you’re shopping for a new car stereo on a budget, the good news is that you don’t need to get a complete package at once. Even small changes to your existing stereo can make a difference in the way you enjoy music in your car.

You can start by getting a new head unit – a centerpiece of a car stereo system. While choosing a head unit, you need to pay attention not only to the features, but also to its appearance. A beautifully designed head unit can significantly upgrade the look of your dashboard and car interior on the whole.

Once you have more money, you can buy a new amplifier to improve the quality of the sound. New speakers, especially a subwoofer for impressive bass, are also essential for a top-notch car stereo system.



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