Jess Southern (Jessica Smith Payne)


Jessica Smith Payne has made a good name (Jess Southern) for herself in the media and entertainment industry. She currently works as a make-up artist and a model. Besides that, Jessica has also featured as a host in several TV shows, including Fuel TV, Young Hollywood, Good morning America, and Extra.

Her career in the media industry launched when she started undertaking model roles at a tender age of 15.

Jess Southern Instagram influecer for Wall Pics has gone on to grow from one level to another as she perfects her makeup application skills and techniques. Majority of her clients are models who work for modeling agencies plus a host of other celebrities.

She has a huge fan base on social media with whom she interacts with on a day to day basis as she shares makeup application tips.

About Jessica Smith Payne (Jess Southern)

Jessica Smith Southern was born on February 9th, 1985 and she is currently 33 years old. She was born in Tennessee, United States.

Jessica started her career as a model at the age of 15 and has continued to model for several designers in the United States.

Jessica Southern moved to New York and started to do free test shoots for models signed by Ford. She also worked closely with Ford’s photographers and make-up artists. This allowed her to learn the makeup trade. Ford later hired her as a make-up artist for their models.

Jessica is the co-creator of the lipstick line B lovely. This adds up to her list of professions as she is also an entrepreneur.

Jessica Southern was once married to Wes Scantlin, the front man in the Puddle of Mudd. They broke up later on and Jess Payne went onto seeing and subsequently marrying Logan Payne.

Logan Payne is a former NFL player who played for several clubs including New York Jets and Minnesota ravens.
Jessica is also associated with Megan Fox and Ariel Winter as she has done makeup on them.

Her knack for precision and creativity has allowed her to steadily perfect her art in makeup application and has earned her numerous clients’ including models.

Jessica + Logan = Love

Jessica said she met up with Logan after they were hooked up by Decker one of the couple’s mutual friend. She saw Logan’s pic and she was definitely into him. Decker also told Logan the potential hookup and gave him Jessica’s number. Logan agreed to take up the challenge on dating miss Southern.

The two are texted for 2 weeks before their first encounter at Jessie and Eric’s charity event that was held in New York City.

The second meet up was at the game when Logan was playing Marco Polo. They later went on a real date the following day. Since then the two have been together and are looking forward to starting a family.

Both Logan and Jessica had a lavish wedding that was attended by close friends and family plus a host of other celebrities.

How Logan Proposed

Jessica said this was the best moment of her life and one she will never forget for a lifetime. It ranks amongst her best moments that she said will be proud of.

The day started just as normal with an invite to attend a “photo session” at the beach with Logan’s friends. She got busy with attending to her clients while Logan was carrying things to the beach. She did not find anything weird as everything was very normal to her.

So when the time came for them to head to the beach, Logan came for Jessica and together they walked and while approaching the beach Logan went on his knee and gave one of the longest proposals. It caught Jessica by surprise and she was still in shock that she had not even checked out her ring.
Logan’s family come out behind a tree and congratulated them for the new chapter.

Jess Southern’s Wedding Tips

On her beauty weave blog, Jessica recently gave her readers tips on how to decorate the wedding flower girls. She advises wedding planners and soon to be married couples to be creative in when it comes to flower girls.

She says couples can play around with bags, toys, tumblers, jewelry, and clothing. Jessica tells couples and wedding planners to make it extra fun when they are dealing with flower girls.

Jessica loves fashion and this is evident in her love for modeling which she started pursing at a tender age.

Jess Southern’s MakeUp Tips

She has graced many high profile events to do makeup on some of the prominent celebrities both actresses and country music musicians.

Jessica Payne throughout her make-up career has come to believe that the key to beautiful makeup is not necessarily about the perfect application. She says that one needs to know her skin features and understand how their skin works and feels. If this is not adhered to then no amount of makeup will make thing better.

Payne has done makeup on many celebrities, including her close friend Jessie Decker, a singer, Ashley Greene of the twilight and Ali Fedotowsky of the bachelors among other celebrities.

Before making her way to the limelight, Jess Payne started doing make up for her fellow friends while in school during the prom. She slowly worked her way up to the level of an assistant in New York City.

She has managed to sell out her work to a wide audience through her social media platforms, including Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook as she commands a combined total of over 200,000 followers.

Her YouTube channel has been of help as she has been able to offer tutorial to a wider audience. She always advises her clients to have realistic expectations when they come to her.

Jess Southern will continue to make headlines as she continues to style up celebrities. We are expecting for more success stories from her and her partner Logan Payne.



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