Seven Great Things Jackie Appiah Did In Her Lifetime


Jackie Appiah is a celebrated Ghanaian actress born in Canada. She is a young, beautiful and talented woman. Her looks fail to give in to her age. She has hit the third floor and shall be celebrating 35 years as the year ends.

1. Jackie Appiah’s life history

Jackie Appiah’s life history and biography begins in Toronto, Ontario where she was born and raised as a child until the age of 10 years. She grew up in a family of five and she was the last born child of the family, writes Yen. At the age of 10, Jackie and her family moved to Kumasi Ghana her original homeland. Jackie started acting at the age of 12, where she did a play in her local church back at Kumasi. Jackie Appiah is the daughter of Mr. Kwabena Appiah. The first step that Jackie took in her lifetime is beginning her acting career at an early age. At the age of 12, many teenagers begin to grapple with the concept of identity.

2. Jackie Appiah’s marriage and divorce

Every girl dreams of a wedding. Equally important, Jackie in her life found love. This is something that most people seek, to love and to be loved. In 2005, Jackie’s dream came true; she married her love of her Peter Agyeman. By the same token, Jackie Appiah stands counted as mother. In their marriage, they were blessed with a child. Jackie Appiah is a proud mother of her son Damien. Unfortunately Jackie’s marriage is said to have been short lived, through a divorce. Nonetheless, Jackie Appiah and Van Vicker wedding were looking beautiful as they tied their vows together in a movie scene as they were playing main character roles in it.

3. Jackie’s personal life

Jackie believes that her private life should not be poured into the limelight. Indeed divorce is painful and really murky and so personal. It’s a dark place and we understand why she may not want to talk about her failed marriage. However, Jackie is a proud mom. You can see it in her eyes when she expresses her motherhood journey. It has been said that being a mother to her son gives her joy and strength to wake up and be the best that she can be, for son as well as herself. It is amazing how Jackie Appiah in her lifetime has found balance motherhood and a demanding acting job. Acting requires constant rehearsal and continuous practice for a better result.

4. Jackie Appiah net worth

Under the top 15 riches actor and actresses in Ghana, Jackie Appiah ranks fourth with a net worth of $800,000. Jackie Appiah purposed to try out new things and has modelled for other companies. She is able to generate such amounts of net worth through doing commercial adverts for companies. Evidently, Jackie Appiah has won many awards. Her recent award was the 2017 Excellence awards in Toronto. This award is really important as it was founded to celebrate the best in Africa and overseas.

5. Jackie Appiah’s cars

So what does Jackie Appiah’s car look like? Does she go all out on her automobiles or is she a Toyota kind of girl? You were all right; Jackie is not apologetic about her automobiles. Throw her a Benz and she will rave that engine like she was born for it. Jackie Appiah loves her Vogue. Last time we checked, Jackie had a range rover, a BMW and some say that equally owns a Benz. We are on the lookout for her new car, someone somewhere said that she is actually buying one and we will give you the heads up of her new purchase.

6. Jackie Appiah’s mansions.

Jackie Appiah has worked so hard to ensure that she lives a comfortable life through her luxurious houses and cars. A girl needs to park her toys. Jackie Appiah is said to have many mansions. We are yet to get the inside snoop of her big mansions.

7. Jackie Appiah’s profile and awards

This actresses profile is really amazing. This actress has won awards since the year 2007 until now. One of the movies that we remember her for are; President daughter, Princess Tyra, Beyoncé among others.This TV mogul has risen through the ranks of awards existing in Ghana. Jackie Appiah has graced Ghana TV and the world with her accolades in her acting career.

Shout out goes to our girl Jackie Appiah for her impeccable efforts in being the best in the industry. She is fashioned for greatness.



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