How to Meet and Date Single Musicians


How to Meet & Date Single Musicians (in 3 Steps).

Dating a musician – it’s every teenager’s dream. And it isn’t a cause for shame. Musicians are amazing people. They bring much more to a relationship than the average partner.

How So?

A musician is someone who is passionate and dedicated. They wouldn’t be a musician otherwise. It’s a difficult industry to get into. And it takes much work and hustling to make a profit. So you’re dealing with a special character. And they bring a unique set of characteristics that help you grow.

Now – The Important Part.

To catch a musician, you must think like a musician.

This is something we’ll help you with. Below are a few tips on how to meet, impress (and eventually) date single musicians.

#1 – Look in the Right Locations.

Beyond working regular jobs, most musicians spend their time doing two things.

The first is writing songs. And the second is making those songs.

Both don’t happen in noisy locations. You’ll rarely find a musician doing his work at a noisy nightclub (unless that’s their job. So look in places of quiet. Look where musicians hang out. Ask ones you know, and get an idea.

Other Suggestions?

Try online dating sites. Start from reading GoDateNow Review . This resource allows you to get a match based on your interests

Really, most musicians spend their time around gadgets. They’re editing, testing, and looking for inspiration. Some of them are slightly “people shy.” So don’t expect most to have “celebrity confidence.”Musicians who want to date look online. And that’s because they want people also interested in music. Those will usually be other musicians…

What if I’m Not a Musician?

Keep going with the online dating option, but execute the next step too…

#2 – Look at Specialized Dating Musician Sites.

Some sites are designed for artist dating. If you’re an artist (regardless of what you do), you can join. You’ll find a pool of musicians there. To get more specialized, you can join specific sites made for musicians. If you go that route, make it clear that you don’t play music. This’ll help you avoid unwanted messages or misunderstandings.

Target Musicians by Genre.

Musicians dedicate most of their free time to music. And if they’re lucky to make a living, that’ll be most of their day. So lacking interest in their genre is lacking interest in who they are. Make sure the musician you date plays a genre you like.


If you like jazz music, date a jazz musician. Don’t date a heavy metal musician. If you like classic music, look for prospects who play that genre. Don’t go looking for a rock and roll musician.

Get to Know Their Genre a Bit More.

Read up on it. Get to know what makes the music good. Read up on history and common influencers. All musicians get their inspiration somewhere. And it’s usually from hit artists who changed the course of their genre. Being well-read will impress your date. It shows that you actually care.

Additionally, that’s most of what you’ll talk about. A successful musician talks about his shows, his influences, and songs he makes. And you’d better be interested. Again, to stress, it has to be a genre you like. Otherwise, you’ll lose interest in the reading, the genre, and possibly your date!

#3 – Catch Them When They’re Not Busy.

This doesn’t apply as much to dating musician sites. It applies if you’re doing “field searches.” By that, we mean attending shows. Don’t talk to a musician after a show. Because you’ll have too much competition. Instead, catch them off guard when they’re least busy. You might need an address, or their hang out habits.

Seems Like Tough Work.

Of course it is. The music industry is a tough niche. Getting into it is hard. And staying profitable is even harder. If you want to be a part of a musician’s life, you need grit and commitment. Tactics to catch them aren’t enough. You need to be deeply interested in what they do. And often, you’ll have to adapt to their hectic routines. Which include late night gigs, album tours, etc.

If you can handle that, you’re set to go. You’ll have a wonderful time dating someone passionate about what they do, just like you!



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